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. >>> plus, our political roundtable on the fights back home. the obama administration decides to postpone a key part of the president's health care law. critics claim it's the latest evidence that the law should be repealed. >>> and the fight over immigration reform now moves to the house. i talk to a key republican lawmaker involved in the negotiations, congressman raul labrador of idaho. >>> good sunday morning. we want to go to our developing story this morning. tom costello covers aviation for nbc news. he's got the latest on the tragic crash landing in san francisco that claimed the lives of two chinese citizens and sent 182 passengers to area hospitals. tom, as you have done some initial reporting, what is what they know tell us about what happened? >> reporter: this is asiana airlines flight 214 coming from seoul in south korea, 10 1/2-hour flight into san francisco airport, and on approach at about 11:27 yesterday morning on runway 28 left, apparently by all accounts this plaenl came in a little low and a little slow according to eyewitnesses and literally the tail slammed into th
. this time the plan is you will see the obama administration, the obama government more involved in building the democrat -- because it goes to andrea points. elections are not enough for democracy. you have to learn how to govern, too. this time the u.s. government is going to be more hands on, helping them build all parts of this new government both in the interim basis and helping them hold this election, realizing the president owns this, whether he likes itover not. there's no more sitting back. >> confident in the military, confident they'll give power back right away, that this could actually turn out well more in america's snaifr. >> i think it's hopeful. there's a wonderful little detail in some of "the new york times" reporting today which said at a key moment when morsi was being pressed by another foreign minister to back off and try to salvage this, he was told when he refused to bring more people into his government that mother says this will not continue, mother being the united states. the fact is that america has been very involved in this. they took that lesson as chuck was
is in favor of doing is this way? is the obama administration not really intending to move forward with the option at all, but maybe leaking it as a possibility for scaring the afghan government for a strategy? if that is the strategy it may be worth checking on whether or not we can all be sure that the idea of leaving troops in fashion may be more scary? everybody thought the iraqi idea was scary, too, but they were glad to see us go. we tried to scare them with that and they clapped. the times says they hold a range of views on how quickly the u.s. should leave afghanistan. so maybe it is not just one of those scenarios, it is a bunch of them mixed together. but this is a really big deal, particularly to the hundreds of thousands of american families who have had somebody there in these past 12 years fighting. until we float this possibility it is hard to know how real a possibility it is. earlier, one chairman said he is assured by the administration officials that the time is wrong and there is no zero option under consideration. he said that officials have assured him that u.
back aid to egypt in light the coup. they plan to deliver military jets in the coming weeks. the obama administration had not called it a coup meaning they do not have to halt aid to egypt. they don't want to make hasty changes. >>> a princess is suspect of a case of human trafficking. authorities say the wife of a saudi prince forced a kenyan woman to work as a servant 16 hours a day, seven days a week for $220 a month. the woman was apparently stripped of her passport, forced to move to this country and not allowed to leave. the arraignment was set for today. >>> some american service members may be getting less pay. the pentagon cutting danger pay in some areas like for soldiers on the ground in kuwait, sailors passing through the persian gulf. the pentagon tells the associated press areas once considered dangerous aren't anymore. iraq, afghanistan and other hot spots are still on the dangerous list. >>> we have lots of severe weather to tell you about. this is a frightening scene in colorado. it trapped dozens of cars and swept others away. it's in man tu springs. that is amazing.
is probably going to leave his post and the obama administration will name somebody new and that will come with a lot of queasiness for the markets. >> bernanke tried to say we're on the right path. just relax. >> he's been trying to calm them. they've had this whole strategy of trying to explain themselves more to the market and it hasn't worked out terribly well. it hasn't had the intended effect of assuring markets they're going to keep their foot on the gas until they see a little bit better and there's no signs they're going to start tapering quite yet but even the mention that they will. >> even the mere threat. >> yeah. >> so sensitive, those markets. >> they really are. >> bizarre. >> let's go to thomas now for the morning's other top stories. what are we looking at, thomas? >> let's bring everybody up to speed on what we've been watching. after hearing from 18 witnesses the defense has rested its case in the murder trial of george zimmerman. yesterday the big question was whether or not the neighborhood watch volunteer should actually take the stand in his own defense. nbc's ron m
legalization would look like. would it be a derivative of what the obama administration's executive action policy was, which is essentially we're not going to deport you? the devil's always in the details but, you know, democrats, by and large, do think that they've gone more than half-way on this. there are a record number of deportations under the president. border crossings as you've noted on your show many times are at a -- immedia a -- there's no net -- a lot of reform advocates say we've met anti-reform advocates more than half-w half-way. it is time we start getting something in return, especially if there is $40 million more devoted to border security. wonder if legalization but not citizenship is going to be enough. >> going back to your piece, josh, to some degree i thought of it as making lemonade from lemons. you argue that, look, a, it is better than nothing. right? but, b, the path to legalization ultimately could end up in a path to citizenship later on. >> right. i think sort of when people have been gaming out the immigration bill. either the house passes something substan
was working towards a one-person, one-coalition, one-party government. and so the obama administration, time and time and time again, sent morsi warnings. you have to work with the opposition. and they did this for months. even leading up to the overthrow, if that's what we're going to call it, or the coup if that's what we're going to call it, and morsi time and time again snatched what would you say, snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. i mean he did everything wrong he could possibly do. >> right. >> to lead to this terrible conclusion. so while we're sitting here talking about what a horrible outcome it is, and it is a horrible outcome, a lot of the burden, a lot of the responsibility lands at the feet of morsi. "the new york times" quoted members of the muslim brotherhood that said if i weren't a member of the muslim brotherhood i would think this guy was trying to set himself up as dictator. >> sam made the good point earlier that morsi is going to be the one to watch and what he does, whether he throws his weight behind some semblance of stability will tell us about whether his l
not be in the best interests of the united states. nbc's first read today noted that we should expect obama administration to take a more hands-on approach to what happened in egypt than it did two and a half years ago. when mubarak was ousted. but how much influence does the u.s. really have? howard fineman "huffington post" and msnbc political analyst. joel ruben is former egypt desk officer at the state department. mr. ruben, you're the perfect person to ask about this coup question and significance of the lack of funding if all of a sudden it gets cut. how should this play itself out? >> well, michael, right now there's still chaos on the streets in cairo. there's blood on the streets, quite literally, and what we need to make sure is that this powder keg doesn't have a match lit to it and we need to not wade into a situation where cutting aid precipitously right now is that match. so there is an assessment under way. we have a chance, now, to engage the egyptians across the whole swath of political actors there and really push for where the revolution went 30 minutes ago which was to t
. what do we know about this latest offer of temporary asylum? >> chris, the obama administration is furious to say the least that snow den's latest appearance in russia. white house and the state department slamming the government forgiving edward snowden what they called a propaganda platform when he's considered a criminal in the u.s. russia said it was new tral, couldn't do anything while he was in this transit area of the airport. but by facilitating this meeting with human rights activists, officials say moscow is treating him as if he has asylum. and now publicly saying he won't leak anymore information about the united states, officials are concerned that snowden has accepted the conditions russia laid out to consider his asylum and now this could move along. president putin in a box. on one hand he has a lot of domestic political concerns, needs to show he's strong and not caving to the u.s., but also wants to preserve relationship with president obama. the two are supposed to have a summit in september. i'm told that's on hold while this is being resolved. >> all right,
is arguing the massive casually, with civilians. >> the be obama administration plans to go ahead with police for fighter jets, the latest focuses on it, a great cover, we'll talk about it in a -- radio obviously the aid we giegt it keeps our influence strong. >> they announced 12 billion in a aid. that billion that they announced, clearly important. >> i can't obviously speak for the white house, but i assume that people like the fact that other arab countries are supporting the potential for reform and democratic reforms in egypt, and the idea that they're supporting their brother, is a good thing. >> the world's best protesters, the street rules, excellent, excellent stuff, up next. >>> five years after a sex scandal put an end to his career, the former governor, eliot spitzer is racing the clock with a comeback. i asked my husband to pay our bill, and he forgot. you have the it card and it's your first time missing a payment, so there's no late fee. really? yep! so is your husband off the hook? no. he went out for milk last week and came back with a puppy. hold it. hold it. hold it. at d
. and so getting egypt right is i think imperative and the obama administration knows it and i think if they look back in hindsight and say what could have been done differently during this transition, perhaps a more active role by the united states during helping egypt with the transition, not just to holding elections, but setting up a -- the ability to govern in a democratic way. that is what got lost here. egypt figured out -- egypt knows how to do protests, elections -- >> was morsi interested in that? that's a question. was morsi interested in that? was he interested in governing? if you look at david brooks' column from the "times" over the past weekend, he listed all the things that morsi did to show that he really wasn't interested in governing democratically, that he wanted to consolidate power. of course, he made himself the supreme ruler over the judiciary, said they were irrelevant. i guess that's the real question. how much -- how much influence did the white house feel they had over morsi's moves over the past year? >> well, i don't think they had much. they did -- obv
." >> i would have fired myself. >> new fallout from the obama administration's recent decision to allow emergency contraception pills available to all ages without a prescription. according to the "times" nurses offices and clinics in as many as 50 new york city schools are now handing out the pill to girls as young as 13 without parental consent. similar programs exist in schools in baltimore, chicago, and oakland. >> wow. 13. >>> "usa today," dna evidence is linking another [ inaudible ] to the famous boston strangler nearly 50 years after the murder. according to the authorities, dna taken from the body of 19-year-old [ inaudible ] who was killed in her apartment in 1964 shows a match to albert desalvo. while serving prison time for other crimes he confessed to 11 of the boston strangler murders but was never convicted of them. he later recanted his confession. >> let's go to the "washington post," a maryland man swam five hours in the dark to save his family after their 16-foot long boat capsized in a storm. john franklin rigs reached the shoreline and went to the first house he saw
and nuclear weapons labs. n napolitano led the department since the beginning of the obama administration. this is the third person to hold this post. good luck to her on that. >>> let's get a check on]yt the weekend forecast. christina loren is off. rob mayeda is in. not looking too bad. >> we have!-w sunshine in san j where it's 56 degrees. 60 in oakland and you can see how the low clouds are pushing across the bay. sunshine now in the santa clara valley towards the tri-valley and through the afternoon the low clouds will]nx linger alonge sea shore. 60s in san francisco, 80 south of downtown san jose. maybe a bit parm warmer for the weekend. closer to 90 in the warmest spots saturday5 into sunday. >>> we see some of the sunshine doing the warming here in the slowdown for north 101. the map shows also this same segment is where it starts to heading up towards the international airport. our sensors show a slow drive northbound. 280 and 87 looking not so bad. the rest of the south bay pretty light. slowing in both directions out of san leandro and north into oakland where it bogs down past
all u.s. troops out of afghanistan in 2014. a senior administration official says mr. obama is growing increasingly frustrated with afghan president karzai. the two leaders have been discussing a plan to leave behind some u.s. troops to train afghan forces and help fight insurgents, but now the president is said to be seriously considering a complete withdrawal. >>> top egyptian security officials defending army and police actions that had deadly consequences. they say the army and police were defending the republican guard headquarters from attackers. more than 51 were killed in those clashes. 434 others were wounded. in the meantime, state media reports interim leader adly mansour has issued a decree giving himself unlimited powers to make laws and outlined a time table for elections. >>> a hunger strike could be under way in california prisons. about 30,000 inmates refused meals yesterday. more than 2,000 skipped their jobs or classes at the prison. inmates at pelican bay state prison in northern california organized that protest. they are upset with a state policy where inmates can
this is a realistic option for president obama at the present time, and i think he knows it. i believe what the administration is trying to do, say to president karzai in iraq, have you to stop dumping all over the united states and criticizing the united states. you have to get real about what we can and should do post 2014. what the military needs and they'll tell you in a second. first of all if we're to leave some troops there, if there isn't to be a zero option, which i don't think is going to happen. sometimes i'm wrong about these things. i don't think it's going to happen. the military says for whatever numbers of troops you leave, what will be the strategy, what is the mission. >> why are they there? >> why willing they be there? once that decision is made, you make that decision, then comes how many troops do we need to carry out that strategy, some say you could leave as few as 7500. others say 15,000, some say 20,000. i think the military at the moment is centered around the figure of 13 to 14,000 troops. they keep emphasizing, tell us what you want those troops to do after 2014
portions of law he himself has signed. raising concerns among americans this administration cannot be trusted to deliver on its promises to security the border and enforce laws as part of a single massive bill like the one passed by the senate. if president obama can sign it, we won't support it. this isn't even the president's bill, it's the mccain sl mccain/schumer/rubio bill. many of the provisions won't even become law till after he leaves office. the irony is the president took the advice senators gave him to keep quiet on immigration. he kept quiet but they're making it about him anyway. the reform advocates should be worried about the rantings of obama and the federal government but behind the scenes you also get the impression speaker bainer is looking to do something. house republicans say they plan to go forward with a piecemeal approach. boehner also promised his colleagues he would not take any bill to the floor or to conference negotiations with the senate that did not have the support of a majority of the republican majority. notably, republican members of the houses
in president obama's healthcare law. smokers were to have been charged penalties as high as 50% under the law but the administration started telling insurers that a computer glitch will limit the penalties and the fix will take at least a year. >> when twinkies make their come back, they'll start with a longer shelf life. i thought they didn't expire anyway. but the printed shelf life will be 45 days. that's almost three weeks longer than they used to have and some stores will get them frozen which will extend the shelf life even longer. so they'll last forever and ever and ever. so they'll last forever and ever and ever. >> i thought they i want it all... all the volume... all the drama with new l'oreal million lashes excess mascara. now l'oreal's legendary volumizing brush is bigger than ever - multiple bristles... for a multitude of volumized lashes. millionized... to excess l'oreal's clean-sweep wiper system removes extra mascara for no clumps lashes are instantly defined... dramatically volumized new million lashes excess from l'oreal paris i want it all. i'm worth it. [ female announcer
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23 (some duplicates have been removed)